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Love is the source of everything, a pure expression of life, which the flow never ends. It is the energy that vibrates in the whole universe, that penetrates and supports it. Each infinitesimal element of the whole is crossed by this impersonal energy, without condition or limit. Love is the vibrant space of life, silent and empty.

Love is that energy which “moves the sun and the other stars” (last verse of the Divine Comedy of Dante). Therefore, it does not come from personal will, a knowledge, an asceticism… it does not obey to egotistical desires. Love does not require anything. It is an expression of joy, the essence of life. It cannot bring suffering. Only attachment does. We continuously look for it although it is always there. Everyone looks for it, even those who pretend refusing it. Our search is awkward, full of confusion because it obeys to the compulsive authority of our ego. We try to love… although we are that love we are looking for! It is the nature of life, it is what we are. We cannot have it or own it. Our ego will never embrace this energy, it will always be disappointed … We can only respond spontaneously to its vibration, from our own heart that beats to the rhythm of the cosmic Heart. It is this obsession of finding love which takes us away from the continuing presence of love. The search may not subside until love is recognized as what it is. It calls us to look into our inner self, to return to its silent source. Then, we see love in all things… It is always there and is revealed as life, as that which sustains the universe, in the silence of the consciousness, free of the noise of the ego and the mind.

We often attribute to love a sentimental connotation. We see love where there is only emotional dependence or exclusive attachment. This so-called love feeds on our hopes, expectations, needs for protection, desires to possess or dominate the other. We expect love to satisfy our desires, our dreams, our illusions of safety. We try to make it fit in our small I, full of conflicts, of fears and sufferings. Love is not our servant. It is absent where there is expectation, possession, thirst for security, need to possess. The manipulative and unstable mind cannot reach it. Love defies mental grip. It is free, as life is. It is the egotistical need of safety that creates that desert we persist calling love. But love can express itself only when the illusion of a separate I has been overcome. It does not force the entry of the carapace forged by the ego. It is not the expression of a mental process and cannot be provoked. It enters freely when there is no one who pursues something, when the mind calms down, when we are deep in the heart of life. It offers itself to us as soon as the I is forgotten in the peace that unfolds.

We continuously block its intense movement in expressing ourselves with fear or denial. We do not feel that we are connected to the whole, we see ourselves as separate beings, isolated and hurted by a hostile world that does not meet our desires. We isolate and shut ourselves to the energy that animates the universe. We get attached to beings, but we lack confidence, which is the spontaneous expression of love. We are unable to remain open, without intention, in sensitive and active attention, which is the sign of both our vulnerability and our greatness.

When we are that open and welcoming attention, we encounter love at each moment of our existence, in each little thing of daily life, be it a gesture of tenderness, a patient listening, a kind word. It is to be found in the respect for the life path of each one, the sensitive attention to the suffering of others, the care of a weakened body, the acceptance of impermanence at the heart of beings and things. It is in the deep silence of our being that love is perceived. We feel it emerging from silence, freely circulating through and around us. When we let it in direct contact with our inner space, in the disappearance of the I, it unfolds, touches each being and returns, unchanged, to its source. This energy is incredibly intense and yet its vibration penetrates us softly. We feel so vast that we cannot inflict suffering to others and ourselves. We live without fear. We consider in the same manner human beings, animals, nature, life. We put ourselves in a perception of continuous presence, of non-separation. Peace settles in that fluidity of continuous present. Each event is experienced in an unconditional opening. The absolute is here at each moment. There is nothing else than this energy of love that carries and penetrates us.

We live every seconds in an ocean of love, much wider and deeper than our mind, and yet its reality is not perceived. It is our ego confinement that gives us the illusion of being separated from the universal flow and that spreads chaos on earth. This is the profusion of compulsive ideas to address the problems of the world that leads us astray. As soon as we open ourselves, in the disappearance of our ego-centred tensions, that which has always existed unfolds: love, the expression of the ultimate Subject, the absolute, the oneness. We do not sufficiently feel this powerful vibration that carries us. However, everything is encompassed in this sole and unique energy. Nowhere and never, can we be outside love. When we express it, we awake to the unity of life. We see it in everything that exists, we have a global vision, incorporating everything without choice, without discrimination. We find the essence of everything, and the supreme joy is there. No conflict can arise. Love has no opposite because it is life itself, one, infinite, which accomplishes freely in itself. Let love unfold each day, and life will become light…

The direct path to realize identification with the true Being is love. It is the immediate call to awakening, to the spontaneous flow of reality, to the presence. It allows full accomplishment, stabilizing realization. The intensity of its energy sweeps all the residue of past experiences. Love is inseparable from renouncement, that leads to non-differentiation. The path of love is freedom, because Blessing is freedom. Freedom and love are one. It is what I have realized in a state of absolute trust, then an absorption in the cosmic emptiness and silence, the revealed knowledge following that absorption. We discover that we are the energy of the cosmos, free with its freedom… This knowledge is the light of the consciousness. In my book “N’ayons pas peur de mourir”, I wrote: “Love that elevates to become a power of knowledge, love that permeates wholly and brings the being towards deep and intimate knowledge of that which he loves. This knowledge is only possible when a sufficiently strong link units, in the renunciation to the I. This absolute union, unchangeable, is the ultimate crowning of our inner being in its earthly experience under that limited form.