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Life in Consciousness
The functioning of the mind

The mind is both the cause of all problems, nurturing desires, anxieties, creating the concept of a separate « I » and the key to understanding the journey on earth undertaken by consciousness. There is no need to reject the mind in itself, as it can be a helper on the path, allowing us to understand that we are not only that flow of thoughts. However, we have let the mind be the absolute leader and parasitize our entire life. (...)

Ego and desires

Ego is a function that subsists as long as the body/mind formation exists. Its existence is phenomenal. The purpose is therefore not to suppress anything. Ego is a natural expression of life, in the earthly and temporal dimensions, through aptitudes and characteristics of the body/mind. Problems arise when the ego seeks to become the owner that expression and says: it is me, who decides and acts. The impression of an “I” or of a separate identity, which acts, comes from the identification to the body/mind, temporal expression of the true Subject. (...)

The suffering

Suffering emerges when there is involvement of the whole being in all that arise, total identification to a transitory movement inside consciousness. Suffering is associated with a sense of an autonomous I, taking up all the inner space, relying on a dualistic thought and the belief in the permanence of all phenomena. Its root is the misidentification to mere expressions : a body perceived through the senses and a continuous stream of thoughts / concepts. (...)

Awakening to the reality

The seeker of truth is a creature of passion, enthusiast, daring, persevering, he let life become fully manifest in him by leaving it flow freely through its own space. That space is quiet, because it is empty of all objective representations. “You need a burning heart in an empty and silent peace,” says Eckhart. Reality cannot be seen as long as we have not renounced to false identifications, we have not done the necessary simplifications, and we have not understood that nothing separates us from our essence except our mind which produces this idea of a distance and creates steps and a goal to achieve. (...)

The ultimate subject: Consciousness

Nothing can be said about consciousness. As soon as we speak or think about something, we create a distance, a separation. Consciousness is what we are, our true nature and the source of the whole. The mind cannot apprehend it or explain it, because the ultimate Subject cannot be thought. It is beyond formulations. Therefore, it is impossible to think about, meditate on, or imagine the consciousness. We can use only evocative words to say that which cannot be qualified: energy, light, silence, emptiness. (...)


Love is the source of everything, a pure expression of life, which the flow never ends. It is the energy that vibrates in the whole universe, that penetrates and supports it. Each infinitesimal element of the whole is crossed by this impersonal energy, without condition or limit. Love is the vibrant space of life, silent and empty. Love is that energy which “moves the sun and the other stars” (last verse of the Divine Comedy of Dante). (...)

The silence

It may seem paradoxical to speak of silence, but the silence in question is not merely an absence of thoughts, words or sounds. It is the very essence of the universe and all encompassing. It is an empty space, which cannot be conceived. Always present, there is nothing particular which could be done to find it. He who seeks is the obstacle. Because silence is what we are. This is another word for the consciousness. (...)