Awakening to the reality

The seeker of truth is a creature of passion, enthusiast, daring, persevering, he let life become fully manifest in him by leaving it flow freely through its own space. That space is quiet, because it is empty of all objective representations. “You need a burning heart in an empty and silent peace,” says Eckhart.

Reality cannot be seen as long as we have not renounced to false identifications, we have not done the necessary simplifications, and we have not understood that nothing separates us from our essence except our mind which produces this idea of a distance and creates steps and a goal to achieve. The understanding cannot be separated from the simplification of the being. Awakening requires first the end of I, author of acts, and the vanishing of the one who desires the awakening to the reality. Nothing happens as long as there is this entity wishing to know the answer to the question: who am I ? The awakening cannot be triggered by an ego, itself an object in this world of phenomena. The timeless reality cannot be discovered by a mind continuously on the move, trapped by the time. All searches are vain, because they are carried out by the mind and they can only give raise to a particular psychic state. However, the awakening is not a particular state: it is being at the source of our being. That reality is always there, but we can only see it when the mental activity stops. Time stops. The understanding of our eternal nature becomes possible: we are in the pure presence, without expecting the big jump in another dimension…

The awakening is the reality revealing by itself to itself. At that moment, there is no body and no mental. It is acknowledgement by the consciousness of itself, which is direct, instantaneous and without intermediation of concepts. The consciousness grasps itself in an impersonal move. There is a mysterious force that allows this reversal to the source, this movement of consciousness penetrating in itself and acknowledging, with wonder, its nature. Before that, teachings, readings, meditations may have seemed necessary to dissolve the egotistic veil and make the mental more quiet, and to stimulate attention and perseverance. However, the awakening is given without conditions and without expectations. Everything is possible at any time. The awakening is always sudden and without any cause. It is not an experience which is happening at a specific time and that would then necessarily be dual, with someone who experiments and an object of experiment. There is therefore nothing special and no effort to do. On the contrary, the awakening puts an end to the belief in the concept of an autonomous person involved in a personal activity. As soon as the mind understands the futility of its will, it occurs let go in favor of being open. Questions, projections and desires are vanishing. We overcome fears. We are ready to give all, to loose all, without return. We are ready … but this is not our opening created grace. There is no cause to the awakening.

Timeless immersion is done in silent emptiness. There is no return from this ultimate journey. The apparent return in that world is beyond the relative dimensions of space and time. Those relative dimensions are only active for the survival of the body and the harmonized functioning of the mind. The end of all that has been, the absolute nudity of the inner self allows to remain in that deepness where everything is perceived as movement of the consciousness. The acknowledgement of the absolute reality does not manifest itself through speeches, miracles, convincing actions, nor by loneliness. Only remains Love. In everyday life, this is expressed in constant meditation, whatever the circumstances, in peace, patience, goodness, humility, and loving care for those who do not live that freedom. Rest is constant. This is not a cessation of any activity, but a subtle harmony with the cosmic vibration. The realization of our nature is freedom. Once the ultimate reality is understood, there are no more misidentifications, no more rules created by a mind that nothing can now disturb. The mind is restored in its unity, itself a witness, in harmony with the consciousness which contains it and embraces the entire universe. The mind does not look for anything “outside”, straying in pursuit of objects. The thoughts do not disappear but their appearance is seen with a neutral attention. All that is lived is integrated in realized oneness, ultimate foundation of life.

Indeed, the awakening provokes a change of vision. Without identifying to what is perceived, it realizes that it is that which contains all perceptions. That understanding encompasses all, inside of the dualist daily life. Our consciousness involved in human form realizes that it is itself impersonal consciousness, hence the rediscovered unity with the cosmos, with the whole manifested forms of life perceived as an apparition in this infinite space. And the oneness is joy… Separation and causality have disappeared. Duality is seen as an illusion that comes from the manifested life, the multiplicity as an appearance, a reflection of the source. The reflection is no more confused with the source that it reflects. The consciousness does not “lose” any more itself in the phenomena because it knows in irreversible way that it is itself the light which allows all those phenomena to be seen. We are light. Light is always there, and nothing leads us to it…

The unity is seen in the multiplicity, the formless in the form. There is no feeling of difference: I am your pain, I am also the space without suffering, in one and same vibration. Being awakened is to live in non-separation, in the global and unified vision of life, with no difference between the source and the expressions of it, between the undifferentiated and the manifested, between relative and absolute reality. Life is one. Life is to be lived in the moment, eternal springing source and transient passage through limited forms.

The only obstacle to the awakening and the source of our torments is to believe that we are separated and different from the rest of the universe. The only change corresponds to the fact that we now see life as one. The mind at rest does not divide the world anymore and sees in everything the functioning of the whole. In the emptiness of a silent mind, in the humility of a I that vanishes, we surrender ourselves to the soft and strong flow of the energy of life. Its luminous origin has no opposite. It is that reality that we seek to discover behind the oppositions of the world. To discover it, you have to dare to engage without fear in the adventure of life, to fully accept its seemingly contradictory movements, to intensely penetrate in the deep of that which is at each moment.

Access to reality is not separate from our everyday life. Everything that appears is the expression of cosmic energy, pure in its essence. The purpose of our earthly destiny is to go to the source of this energy, to go to the hidden place where we discover ourselves as one.

Only the consciousness freed from identification with a separate entity can clearly perceive the whole. We are continuously connected to all manifestations of life in the universe and each of our actions has a cosmic resonance. As soon as we are in full consciousness at the heart of life, that we express fully what we are, we have a global vision of life.

That is the awakening to the reality : being global perception, eye-mirror of the consciousness, presence to all that lives and presence to oneself, regardless of countless experiences that arise. Good and bad, health and sickness, life and death are no longer separated. We have achieved unity. We feel at peace and free, happy simply because we are alive. We are in communion with all that exists, with everything that appears in the light range of our space. The intelligence of life expresses itself as it wishes, unhindered. In the total absence of identification, that which is eternally may appear. It is the consciousness that contemplates the consciousness…

The Self, whose wonderful essence is light, through the impetuous game of its liberty, hides first his own essence, and then fully reveals it again, suddenly or gradually. And this blessing is fully independent.” Abhinavagupta